Dropshipping for animals

Dropshipping for animals

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Dropshipping, one of the many words that reach us through the hands, mouth and ears directly from the English vocabulary and it is not always easy to understand the meaning and the context in which they must be inserted. In this case we are talking about products for animals, as the title suggests, but with the word dropshipping for pets we mean something much broader than we will see in the second part of the article.

Dropshipping animals: what it is

The Dropshipping is the sales formula thanks to which it is possible to market products without having them physically in stock. What do animals focus on? And the products intended for them? They are one of the many types of objects and accessories that can be marketed in this way because they have all the features you need.

How does it work? After the conclusion of the sale you forward the order to your supplier who will then ship the package to the end customer. What is different from the usual model? As we will see shortly in this case, as a seller, you only buy what you have already sold and serve your customer without thinking about shipping the products, which your supplier thinks about in a totally anonymous way.

The dropshipper is the supplier because he is the one who physically ships directly to the end user while the seller is not involved in this step. So what does the seller do? He sells, not materially, but the whole sales work is up to him, understood as the series of actions that range from promoting to making the product known to convincing the end customer until he is convinced of the purchase. Only after the purchase is made does the dropshipper. The seller, thanks to this figure, does not have to manage any warehouse or even the various tasks related to the packaging and shipping processes.

Dropshipping animals: products

Products for animals can be the subject of these sales procedures and one of the examples that most come to my mind is that relating to dry dog ​​food. I have had the experience myself, as a customer, not as a seller or as a dropshipperSure, it wasn't a bad experience in my case but I don't know and I don't want to generalize. It is a sales mechanism and the judgment is closely linked to the quality of the product and the honesty of the protagonists.

If all goes well, the customer pays advantageous prices and there are benefits for both the seller and the supplier. From the point of view of those who sell products for dogs or cats in this way, there is the advantage of being able to create a sales business without the need to invest capital or even having to set up or even buy space for the warehouse. Not to mention the possible need to also take employees, which would not be a bad thing but must then be paid, put in order and managed and not everyone is able to do it correctly.

A seller through dropshipping he can sell both personally and through e-commerce or online auction websites, he can invent all the strategies he wants, just stay in the legality, to convince new customers to get supplies from him.

The supplier also has its advantages because it is true that it has the warehouse and the task of having to ship the pet product when the seller concludes an agreement, but from another point of view this of dropshipping it is for him an additional sales channel that can make ends meet in the true sense of the word. In this way, a person who already sells of his own in a certain area or in a certain market, with it dropshipping manages to have a greater capillarity of penetration of both traditional and online markets.

Dropshipping in Italy

Around the world the dropshipping it is quite well known and people use the advantages it offers in a casual way, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, in Italy we have fallen behind and there is still a lot of mistrust regarding this mechanism. There are still very few made in Italy companies that are able to offer drop ship service, thus expanding the range of products available with this system.

The risks associated with this practice must not be hidden, there are certainly, but they are no greater than the risks of opening a business out of your own pocket. This article is not meant to encourage or discourage anyone, but it helps that you know this possibility of setting up your own business earning honestly thanks to effective triangulation. Whether they are products for dogs or another type of commodity, this does not matter for the purposes of who is selling and who is buying.

Of course if you start selling and promoting gods products for animals it would be better if you loved them and if you had some in the rooms so you can immediately find a certain harmony with the customer, that complicity, I mean, which also unites unknown people who have in common the fact of being masters of dogs, for example, and we find ourselves exchanging greetings and advice with an unexpected familiarity due only to the fact of belonging to the same category.

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