How to make sand castles

How to make sand castles

How to build sand castles: useful tips for building sand sculptures for large and children. How to make a beautiful sand castle!

There is a clear difference between thesand sculptureabove and theSandcastledown! In this guide I cannot promise to teach you how to make abeautiful sand castlelike the one in the photo above (for that you should have outstanding artistic skills and the equipment that is generally used to work clay) but I guarantee you will come up with a much better sand castle than the one shown in the photo below!

Building sand castlesit's a perfect pastime, especially when waiting for digestion times along withchildren! While building yourDIY sand castleDon't forget to put on the cream to protect your skin from sun damage.

To realizesand sculpturesis huge castlesand perfect, you need good artistic skills and equipment such as:

  • Tools for working clay
  • Pastry tools (silicone molds, cake decorating kits ...)

These accessories can also be very useful when you want build a sand castle with your baby.

Sand for making castles and sculptures

Before doubting your abilities, know that there is sand and ... sand. Who has ever been to the beaches ofSperlongahe knows that that sand lends itself very well to making beautiful castles with little effort. A little effort is enough to create castles as enjoyable or more opulent as the one above.

The sand most suitable for making castles and sculptures is generally very fine and manages to trap water particles so as to remain compact for a long time and above all it is highlymouldable. In short, it will not be enough for you to moisturize the sand to obtain the ideal mixture. Depending on the type of sand you have, you will be able to make castles more or less large, more or less stable.

If you want to dosand castles for children, know that online there is no shortage of specially created moldable sands. At “this Amazon page“, for example, you can find a modeling sandbag for making sculptures and castles for children. The cost is 16 euros with free shipping. There are also kits that include a sand pack with molds suitable for building a castle, but the price goes up a lot.

For example, the kit shown in the photo below can be bought for about 30 euros, for all the information I invite you to visit "this page". As you can see, the sand content is minimal, so from an economic point of view it is better to buy the molds aside.

How to make sand castles for children

Forbuild a sand castleyou must have:

  • sand (better if moldable)
  • water (to mix and make the sand more moldable)
  • molds (special or kitchen molds)

Better if you choose silicone or soft plastic molds that are easier to manage. But know that if the sand is not well hydrated, yourscastle or your sand sculpture, it will eventually fall apart just as you lift the form.

For this reason, when preparing the hydrated sand, I advise you to use excess water. During the work, calculate that part of the water will tend to evaporate. Always remember that the finer the grains, the more stable the structure will be, so if the sand is very fine, on the contrary, you should use less water! In short, there is no standard proportion and the amount of water to use depends on the type of sand.

Sand castles: how to make them

The first thing to do is to prepare the base. Then you lay out a floor where you will need to build your ownSandcastle. During the work, get a spray / nebulizer so as to moisturize the sand and make it more modelable during the work.

When you choose the place wherebuild the sand castlepay attention to the tides: the waves can reach the entire shore, it is better to build your sand sculpture higher.

DIY molds to make sand castles

To make DIY molds, perhaps improvised on the beach, you can use the top and bottom of the plastic bottles. Basically you will have to cut the plastic bottles and get two or more sections, which you will use as a mold for your castle.

Instead of removing the plastic, which would be a rather difficult operation (you risk breaking the mold underneath), at the crucial moment, you can simply cut the plastic bottle using a pair of scissors or a cutter. Taking the utmost care to carry out the operation in complete safety.

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