How to wash wool and cashmere

How to wash wool and cashmere

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How to wash wool and cashmere: how to set the washing in the washing machine or by hand of wool fabrics (alpaca, aran, worsted wool, merino wool, virgin wool ...) and cashmere. From the detergent to use to the advice for always obtaining soft clothes. How to dry wool without deforming it.

Wooliscashmerethey are very delicate and difficult to wash. How many times have you found yourself with a shrunken wool sweater after washing? Or, on the contrary, a cashmere sweater that has completely expanded after washing ... Well, know that the error is not necessarily related to the temperature. Even with cold washing, some mistakes can cause this damage.

Wool: machine wash

The cashmereit's a woolobtained from goats raised in areas of Tibet, in the highlands of Mongolia, in Iran and in China. Thecashmereit is not the only one type of wool that you can find on the market, wool is very commonalpaca(fabric obtained from the animal of the same name from the camelid family) and thearan, a raw wool processing that composes braids, lozenges and raised stitches (typical of sweaters!).

Therewoolit is used to produce carpets, furs, hats, jackets, blankets, sweaters… but also other cotton blends. Furthermore, wool is sometimes used to line light clothing. Also indicates a cotton and alpaca wool or sheep's wool fabric suitable for lining or light clothing. It can be free-fiber orbotany(worsted wool).

Each type of wool, then, can undergo a different coloring process. Depending on the processing and coloring, for washing woolen garments (rugs, knitwear, jackets ...) you will need to follow certain rules that you can find on the internal label of the garment. As a precaution, before each wash, take a look at the "symbols on the label".

What the label doesn't tell you is that forwash wool and cashmereyou shouldn't use just any detergent!

How to wash wool and cashmere

Not everyone knows this but ... the detergents that are on the market are extremely alkaline. To havesoft wooliscashmereperfect, you don't have to use a fabric softener but just make sure you wash with the right detergent.

The detergent used to wash wool and cashmere should be neutral or slightly acidic, therefore with a pH reaction diametrically opposite to that of classic laundry detergents. For themachine wash(when the garment label allows it) use a detergent dedicated to wool and cashmere like those you find on "this Amazon page". The same detergents can also be used for hand washing.

With the right detergent, woolen items (alpaca, virgin wool, cashmere, worsted wool, Merino wool...) will be shiny and soft, the detergent will not alter the natural shine of the fabric.

For washing in the washing machine, if your machine allows it, choose an extra-delicate wash at low temperatures (30 ° C) and it is absolutely necessary to avoid spinning.

How to dry wool and cashmere

If washing is important, the drying phase is even more important. Those who have a dryer must set an extremely delicate and specific program for wool.

Anyone who does not have a dryer candry wool sweatersand cashmere avoiding to deform them. How to do?

I told you to eliminate the spin cycle during washing, then you will remove a garment soaked in water from the door. Here's how to dry wool (merino wool, cashmere, virgin wool ...):

  • Place the garment on a dry towel and roll the towel over itself so as to wring the wool garment without exerting direct friction.
  • Once the superfluous water has been removed, lay the garment on a hanger, making sure that the lower edges do not deform. Generally it is the weight of the water that deforms the garment, so once the excess water is removed it will be easier to dry!
  • Leave the woolen garments to dry in a warm, ventilated and bright place, avoid direct sun especially for light colored garments. Avoid drying the wool on radiators or direct heat sources as they could felt this fabric.
  • Avoid drying the wool on the "drying rack / dryer" otherwise you risk giving it the shape of the yarn.

How to soften the wool?
Do you know that you can use a glass of vinegar to soften the wool? Do not worry about the smell, vinegar is extremely volatile and its smell will disappear when drying, giving you a soft and clean garment.

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