Formula E 2018

Formula E 2018

We say for convenience "Formula E"But officially it should be called Formula E Championship, the important thing is to understand each other and understand how this automotive series dedicated exclusively to vehicles powered by electric motors is becoming increasingly important. It was conceived by the International Automobile Federation in 2011, it actually began on 13 September 2014, with theEPrix of Beijing. From that moment on, the various championships have followed and they are also arrived in Italy, in Rome.

In the first season, that of 2014, therefore, identical cars participated with the various standardized components, in the second season more manufacturers were able to participate and the rule of opening and diversity has remained in subsequent seasons, making the races more exciting. We know that competition always puts spice and liveliness to events.

Formula E 2018

Let's see more slowly how we got to championship of 2018. The proposal for a championship for electric single-seaters dates back to 2011 and was presented at the time by the president of the FIA Jean Todt. The first test driver, in September of the following year, was the former Formula 1 driver, the Italian-Brazilian Lucas Di Grassi, once the okay was given, after two months, over 40 cars had already been ordered.

Over the months the works have continued and with them also the events of Formula E demonstrative, useful not only for show but also for to test the means. And not only that: there was also some reasoning on the competition format because you certainly couldn't translate all the rules of Formula 1 to Formula E as if nothing had happened.

The first ever, official ePrix was that of Beijing 2014, first race of the 2014-2015 season, gradually there were others and we arrived in 2018 with the presentation of the second generation of electric racing cars which took place on March 6 at the Geneva Motor Show. This is the car we still see in the race today, it was introduced in this fifth season and has a maximum power of 250 kW, a race power of 200, an acceleration from 0 - 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds and a top speed: 280 km / h.

Not bad, I would say, and as far as consumption is concerned, numerous measures have been decided that try to minimize it. For example the means for the Formula E they do not have a rear wing but two bridge elements that cover the front profile of the rear wheels. The front wheels are semi-covered to lower resistance and improve efficiency, for the same purpose a lowered nose has been designed while the "bellies" of the second generation electric cars have more squared shapes.

Formula E in Rome

The first Italian E-Prix was hosted in the capital last year April 14 and it was undoubtedly experienced as a great event, not only by enthusiasts but also by many citizens, by the curious and by those who believe that electric mobility is not just a thing of "half socks" or "turtles".

Those in Rome was the seventh round of the 2017-2018 season, the scenography for the drivers was the Eur district, the tickets sold like hot cakes in a few days and they were by no means few, only the entrances to the lawn area were 15 thousand, to be added to those in the stands, expensive but less than those of the non-electric grand prix.

Formula E on TV

The many intrigued by the Formula E who were unable to go to Eur to see the historical event in progress, were able to enjoy the show on TV, tuning in to Italy 1, a network that for this reason the 2017/2018 broadcast all the races of the Formula E championship.

Not only in Italy but in many other parts of the world there are networks that broadcast this young but interesting competition. Italia 1 is in fact one of the more 50 broadcasters spread over 5 continents which broadcasts the Formula E reaching approx 20 million viewers.

Formula E: calendar

The appointments scheduled forEPrix they are all races organized on temporary street circuits, so it was from the first season that, after Beijing, there was scheduled E-Prix at Buenos Aires, Miami, Berlin, Moscow and London. The most recent edition of the championship, the one in which there was Rome, touched other cities including Mexico City, Paris, Zurich and New York. THEn waiting for the next episodes on the calendar you can learn more about the means by reading this article on electric mobilityand theelectric cars and their range

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