Dream interpretation: what does it mean to dream ...

Dream interpretation: what does it mean to dream ...

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L'dreams interpretation and theirs meaning has always intrigued me: during the sleep our mind is free to wander without limits dictated by social rules or by the rationality of waking. THE dreams they can make our nights great or they can turn them into nightmares, when something has troubled us during the day or when we feel unwell or sick.

Sui dreams so many have been written books of a scientific nature by psychologists and other scholars: the most read in the world is "The interpretation of dreams" of Sigmund Freud (available on Amazon for only 3.31 Euros) but in Italy the most widely read book on dreams is the one on "The Grimace", A collection of dream interpretations created by different authors based on the Neapolitan tradition (on Amazon for 6.71 Euros).

The same Freud he is particularly interested in the popular belief that he attributes to I dream of divination skills from which they can be drawn wishes for the future. The meaning of dreams is identified by Freud through an analysis method that had already given good results in the identification and subsequent liquidation of the pathogenic traumas of hysteria: this is the method of free associations. According to this method of investigation starting from the dream contents as they are remembered after awakening (manifest content), a series of associations, ideas, thoughts and memories are obtained, which Freud defines as "latent content", whose great value in the psychic life of the dreamer is immediately recognizable.

La Grorfia: what it means to dream ...

Here are some of the most sought after dreams by Italians on Google and their interpretation according to the Smorfia che associate one or more numbers with each dream.

The goal of those who believe in the "divinatory powers" of dreams is in fact to bring their dreams back to a series of numbers to play in the Lotto to try a good win that can change your life! :-)

As dreams can be "confused" and not immediate to remember, the grimace for each possible subject of the dream offers different "variants" with relative numbers.

Let's see some ...

Dream about snakes (or vipers)

Dreaming of snakes is one of the most recurring dreams based on the number of Google searches. Here are the numbers recommended by the Smorfia, depending on the various situations and associations:

  • snake (alone): indicates a deception. Number 69.
    - to see a snake: to be flattered by someone. Number 58.
    - multi-headed snake: high seduction. Number 8.
    - stepping on a snake: indicates the risk associated with stepping on someone's feet. Number 12.
    - being bitten by a snake: indicates a disease. Number 64.
    - killing a snake: it is a sign of excellent omen, of victory over enemies and adversity. Number 62.
    - being wrapped in the coils of a snake: defeat. Number 40.
    - rattlesnake: beware of deceptions. Number 23.
    - pick up a snake: it indicates the courage to face a situation and not to fear betrayal. Number 51.
    - biting a snake: revenge from a false friend. Number 33.
    - being surrounded by snakes: it is a sign of excessive pessimism. Number 48.

Dreaming of being pregnant (dreaming of pregnancy)

Another recurring dream is that of being pregnant or that of one pregnant woman. Here are the recommended numbers from the grimace:

  • a pregnant woman indicates good news coming. Number 66.
  • dreaming of a pregnant woman is also a sign of maturity and awareness. Number 89.
  • a smiling pregnant woman means family joy on the way. Number 21.

Dreaming of mice

Dreaming of mice is an indication of fears and discomfort. Here are some recommended numbers from the grimace:

  • dream of a single rat - indicates that a loan may not be honored. Possible loss of money. Number 11.
    - mouse in the house: own safety is threatened, trouble in the family. Number 88.
    - see many rats: unfavorable period, negative situation and worries. Number 44.
    - catching mice: resolving issues and clearing up misunderstandings. Number 60.
    - trapped mice: feel the weight of their choices and responsibilities. Number 78.
    - dead mouse: bad omen, possible misfortune or mourning. Number 51.
    - dream of white mice - indicates good relationships. Number 78.
    - killing a mouse: success in eliminating a difficulty, in overcoming a problem. Number 34.
    - being attacked by rats: beware of hostile people, who want to put in trouble. Number 73.

Dreaming of blood

Dreaming of blood indicates a period of stress or lack of serenity. Here are some recommended numbers from the grimace:

  • dreaming of blood in general. Number 11.
    - dreaming of a nosebleed: you feel guilty for some action taken or for some situation in which you have not been able to act correctly. Number 15.
    - dreaming of blood from the mouth - indicates loss of power. Number 12.
    - animal blood: signals weight reduction. Number 45.
    - dreaming of a blood donation is an indication of inner tranquility. Number 14.

Dreaming of cats

Dreaming of a cat it can have an ambivalent interpretation: if you are a cat lover the meaning is positive, otherwise it is negative.

  • The Grimace number associated with cats is 3.
    - dreaming of a black cat is an indication of the desire for freedom but it can also indicate an imminent sad omen. Number 81.
    - dreaming of a cat running away is associated with the awareness of having to change a negative but established behavior or habit. Number 82.
    - dreaming of a purring cat indicates a state of calm and serenity. Number 61.
    - dreaming of a dead cat can be an indication of disputes between friends or family disputes. Number 73.
    - dreaming of an abandoned cat is associated with devious requests. Number 70.
    - the dream of a cat playing with a mouse indicates a misplaced trust. Number 35.

Dreaming of cats is an extremely common fact: over 6,600 Italians search for "dreaming cats" on Google every month

Dreaming of spiders

Dreaming of spiders it is usually linked to fears, fears and a sense of oppression, especially on the part of a female figure. Freud associates with the spider the authority of the mother who must be "fought to open up towards adulthood and towards a free expression of one's sexuality, reached through the female presence of a partner.

  • The Grimace number associated with spiders is 32.
    - dreaming of a spider weaving its web is connected to possible deceptions and pitfalls that someone is preparing for us. Number 57.
    - dreaming of a spider in one's hand instead has a positive meaning: it indicates our ability to face dangerous situations without fear. Number 16.
    - dreaming of a giant spider is a harbinger of upcoming quarrels and discussions. Number 14.
    - dreaming of a dead spider or killing a spider is a good omen and indicates our ability to regain control of a difficult or tangled situation. Number 61.
    - dreaming of a spider in your bed is not positive because it indicates personal discomfort related to the sexual sphere or problems with your partner. Number 39.

Dreaming of money

Dreaming of moneyit can have a multiple and apparently contradictory meaning because the indication varies according to "how the money is dreamed".

  • The number associated with money is 26.
    - dreaming of receiving a large sum of money is very recurrent when you are in a period of economic hardship. It could be a good omen but it is also a sign of unease and concern. Number 15.
    - dreaming of lending money is a symptom of serenity and the desire to share one's happiness with others. Number 78.
    - dreaming of stealing money is a bad omen and can indicate upcoming diseases. Number 26.
    - dreaming of accumulating money must warn us about possible risky investments or risky purchases. Number 16.
    - dreaming of losing money is associated with sorrows from the upcoming children. Number 36.

Dreaming of money can have opposite meanings

Dreaming of an earthquake

Dreaming of earthquakesit indicates certainties that are questioned, doubts on very important issues and unease due to the loss of points of reference.

  • The number associated with the earthquake is 11.
    - dreaming of an earthquake, with the vision of oscillations or furniture that trembles indicates concern for the future. Number 13.
    - dreaming of a destructive earthquake signals a state of aggressiveness and desire for revenge. Number 32.
    - dreaming of an earthquake in distant areas or dreaming of hearing the news of an earthquake is connected with upcoming changes. Number 20.
    - dreaming of an earthquake without damage indicates the overcoming of a difficult situation that has still left us shaken. Number 6.

Dreaming of flying

Dreaming of flying it is a dream that according to Freud's studies is one of the most common. In the dream we see each other in flight and often we also feel amazed at the fact that we can fly! It is a beautiful dream that leaves us with positive feelings of well-being and freedom when we wake up.

  • The number associated with the dream of flying is 58.
    - dreaming of flying in the sky or flying in space always has a positive meaning, of a free mind to become aware of one's self and one's serenity. Number 45.
    - dreaming of flying and then falling has a negative meaning: it indicates disappointments and broken dreams. Number 56.
    - dreaming of flying in an airplane has a meaning that depends on the feeling we feel at that moment. If the feeling is neutral, the implication is that linked to a desire for change and to escape from the current situation. Number 8.
    - dreaming of flying in a group, with friends or with other creatures, birds or fantastic creatures signals the desire to escape in a group, to try new experiences alongside a friend or loved one. Number 46.

We will continue to monitor in the coming weeks the most recurring dreams of Italians based on the number of searches on Google and we will update this article with the interpretation of the related dreams. Bookmark this article and come back to read it every now and then! ;-)

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