How to store the bicycle

How to store the bicycle

How to store the bicycle: tips for storing your bike in the garage, on the balcony or in the garden. From boxes to supports to hang it on the wall or ceiling.

Not everyone likes to ride in the rain, so, with the arrival of thewinterthere are those who askhow to store the bicyclecorrectly. Proper storage of the bike requires little space and allows you to keep the vehicle in top condition, even when it comes to the most expensive racing bike.

How to store the bike in the garage

Who has a garage very spacious, it will probably just lean it against the wall, but not before having lined it with paper or plastic packaging to protect it from dust.

To prevent the frame from deteriorating or the paint losing its shine, thebicyclemustto preservein a clean, moisture-free environment.

When the garage has not been cleaned for a long time, the entire bike, including the chain and wheels, should be lined with a large plastic bag. If you have just been to Ikea you can use the large plastic packaging that enclosed your sofa or new kitchen. We do not recommend buying special wrapping paper, it would be just a waste of money and resources! Every day there are many shopping centers that dispose of hundreds of packaging that could be right for you.

How to store the bike in the garden or on the balcony

In open environments, the bicycle must be protected further. In the garden or on the balcony, thebikeit must be placed in a sheltered position. Especially in these circumstances, in thestore the bicycle, don't forget to protect the chain and links, as well as the frame.

If you keep thebikes on the balcony or in the gardenIt is also better to remove the saddle which could crack, harden or deteriorate even if enclosed in plastic. If in the garage it is enough to wrap the saddle with packaging plastic, when you are forced to store the bike outside, the saddle must be completely disassembled and stored at home.

Well protected, thebicycleit can be stored in the garden toolbox or in a closet where it can also be hung on the wall or ceiling.

How to arrange the bike on the balcony or in the garden?

If it is a racing bikeor a high-quality bike, consider purchasing a special protective box.

One drawback, the boxes created for storing bicycles are made of plastic. Undoubtedly they are able to protect the bicycle from atmospheric agents but not from humidity and those who live in a very windy area should refrain.

By spending a little more it is possible to buy garden boxes or tool sheds. They exist in rigid plastic (not recommended in areas with a lot of wind), in sheet metal (even if galvanized, not recommended in the garden, where it rests on the ground) or in wood (more robust but require maintenance).

A wooden box can be the perfect solution forstore the bikeboth in winter and in summer. The more compact ones can also be mounted on the balcony.

The cost? It varies a lot from model to model, and the price is affected by various factors such as: the dealer, the quality of the wood, the size. A garden shed measuring 180 cm x 70 cm and 196 cm high is offered on Amazon at a price of 380 euros with free shipping. The box in question is made of noble wood treated for exteriors but, to be sure, at the time of assembly we recommend a coat of impregnated wood at least on the external surface of the box. This advice applies to any wooden box to be installed in the garden or balcony. To preserve the integrity of the box, the primer should be passed every two years. For all information on the product mentioned, we refer you to its Amazon page:GartnPRO 70 × 180 cm

How to hang the bike on the wall or ceiling

Store the bicyclekeeping it “suspended” from the ceiling or wall of the house could be a good way to recover useful space.

On the market there are wall stands, ceiling hooks, shelving shelves and many other solutions created precisely for the "storage" ofbicycles. With a small kit, a simple wall can become the perfect place to store one, two, three ... but also five or six bicycles! It just depends on your needs.

In this context, you are spoiled for choice because there are many brackets and supports and also at affordable prices, from 10 to 80 euros. For all models, I refer you to the page "Hooks for bikes”Of Amazon, where wall or ceiling hooks are shown.

Among those for the ceiling, I would like to point out that the hooks must be placed under the saddle and on the handlebar as shown in the photo above. On the contrary, the wall (or wall) hooks fix the bike by the wheels or, in the case of brackets, by the frame or the handlebar. For convenience, when mounting the bike to the wall or ceiling, we recommend that you remove the pedals.

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