Decanter, what is it for

Decanter, what is it for

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Decanter, what is it forand when it is used with red or white wine. Advice on how to use and how to decant wine.

On this page I will explain a what the decanter is for is what it means to decant wine. We anticipate that decanting is not suitable for every type of wine!

Decanter, what is it for

Originally, thedecanterwas created to allow the separation of the solid components (sediments) and the liquid component of wine. In practice, the wine was placed in thedecanterand the sediments were deposited on the bottom and excluded from the wine.

Today thedecanter is usedfor other reasons. Over time it has been observed that oxygenation is able to enhance the aromas of certain wines. Thedecanter, in fact, it serves to oxygenate the wine!

Why is it important to oxygenate red wine?
In order to release the best aromatic bouquet.

Decanter, as used with an aged wine

How to decant an aged wineor rather, that you have kept for too long in the cellar? First, before starting the decanting, the bottled wine must be kept upright for at least 24 hours.

Pour the wine slowly and transfer it from the bottle todecanter. While pouring the wine, place a candle or a stack in such a position that it can illuminate the "neck of the bottle". In this way you can observe the path of the sediments, when they are about to reach the exit of the bottle, stop running and stop pouring the wine.

How to decant a young red wine

TheRed winefromdecantgenerally it has a good presence of tannins. In this context, it is important to expose the wine to oxygen in order to maximize its refinement and get the most out of its taste.

Decanter, where to buy it and which one to choose

If you use aaged red wineand closed for many years in the bottle, better to use a narrow-necked decanter.

For the young wines, the ideal is a decanter with a wide base and possibly also a wide neck, that is the classic decanter which you can also find on sale at Ikea.

THEdecanterthey have very variable prices and shapes to choose from according to personal tastes. In my case, I bought a versatile decanter that can be used for both aged and young red wines, and it can also be easily used as a carafe. This is the model shown in the photo above.

For all information, I refer you to the Amazon purchase page: wine decanter. Its purchase price amounts to 69.99 euros but a few months ago I paid 29.99 euros for it, so keep an eye on the page that you may find some offers. It is blown glass of good workmanship, without imperfections. Obviously, to oxygenate the young wine, you will not have to fill it beyond the horizontal line that I have marked with the green color. For aged wine, you can cover the wide neck with a handkerchief.

In any case, as stated, on the web and in stores idecanterthey are not hard to find.

Decanter and white wine

It candecant a white wine? No, usually thedecantingit's not made for whites. White wine is very delicate and due to oxygenation it could suffer penalties on the palate. Oxygen is not always good for wine, in the case of white wine, the oxidative process would only cause damage.

At most, if you really wish, you can serve white wine in a carafe… even if the bottle is its best place!

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