Games and videos to learn and teach children to recycle

Games and videos to learn and teach children to recycle

Playful and educational activities can be key for minors to recycle

Children are not the recyclers of tomorrow, because they can already be today. This article presents some videos and games of all kinds to achieve this, among them original entertainment, crafts, applications for mobile phones and tablets or cartoons.

1. If we recycle, they too

Children learn by imitation and that is why their close environment is very important. If they see waste separation bins at home, and then the family recycles them in the corresponding urban containers, the chances that they will internalize the recycling habit will increase. Approach it not as a boring obligation, but as a fun game like a competition to see who recycles the most or give them a prize for recycling regularly they are strategies that do not fail.

2. Questions and answers

Approaching recycling as a fun game does not fail among children

It is convenient to be attentive to all the questions they ask: the curiosity of the little ones has no borders. Thus, you have to have ready answers on, for example, what are the advantages of recycling or in which container each waste goes. It can even become a trivia game to see who gets the most right.

3. Educational activities for class

Educational centers are another pillar on which recycling has to be sustained. In addition to having places where it can be recycled, teachers can have at their disposal pedagogical resources to teach and raise awareness among their students. Ecoembes, the entity that manages the recycling of waste from the yellow and blue container, offers in EducaEnEco materials divided by educational cycles, as well as other multimedia resources.

4. Action games

Children love to do things, to move and, in that way, to learn. Action games are, therefore, another resource to teach them to recycle. The Sapos y Princesas website proposes several games of this type to learn how to separate waste, such as "Shoot for the environment" or the "Waste sorting truck".

5. Crafts with recycled objects

The crafts stimulate the creativity of the little ones and their psychomotor skills, as well as being good entertainment. In the case of recycling, it can be a double stimulus, since the use of recycled materials to create all kinds of objects is a learning in itself of the benefits of recycling. For this, many resources can be found, such as that of the NGO Oxfam Intermón in its book ‘Crafts for boys and girls‘, designed to work on the values ​​of caring for the environment and recycling.

6. Interactive games on the Internet

The Internet is a gigantic toy library with all kinds of interactive games, including some focused on recycling. The Educapeques website offers various games to learn how to recycle, as well as cards to review the waste that goes into each container.

7. Recycle like Juan and Tolola and Peppa Pig

Another way to convince minors to recycle is with cartoons of characters related to them. This way they will see it as a fun game to imitate.

The Serie 'Juan and Tolola‘, Based on the children's books‘ Charlie and Lola ’by English author Lauren Child, it is highly recommended for its transmission of values ​​such as friendship, optimism or kindness. In one of their chapters, ‘Take care of your planet’, the two brothers also touch on recycling:

Peppa Pig, who collaborated this year on WWF's Earth Hour, also becomes a recycler in one of the chapters of this British children's series. Both this video and that of Juan and Tolola each exceed five million views on YouTube.

8. Pocoyo's recycling game

Another well-known character among the little ones is Pocoyo. Along with the rest of the characters in this Spanish-British animation series, he stars in a game to learn how to recycle on his own website.

9. Educational games

Among the wide variety of educational games on the market, you can find some focused on recycling. The website La casa de los juguetes offers a selection, with which you can learn the recycling process in a fun and simple way or make money boxes and even a rocket with recycled materials.

10. Pispas App: learn to recycle by playing

Smartphones and tablets open up the range of possibilities to teach recycling in a fun way. An example is Pispas, which provides an application with various multimedia contents for the iOS and Android operating systems to learn by playing recycling, like this video:


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