Bioplastics from avocado seed

Bioplastics from avocado seed

An entrepreneur who makes plastic… from avocado. Meet Scott Munguía, founder of Biofase, a company that makes bioplastic using avocado pits.

The Biofase sustainable initiative, originally from Nuevo León, was recognized by Banamex and GreenMomentum after using organic material to make bags.

When he was studying chemical engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey in 2011, Scott Munguía, founder and CEO ofBiophase, had the concern to develop and offer the public a product ofbioplasticthat it was cheaper, made from corn, but above all that it had a lower environmental impact.

After eight months of laboratory investigation, he found in theavocado seeda molecule that can be extracted and synthesized with a chemical exchange in biopolymer, that is, transform it intobiodegradable plastic.

“I already knew about the properties of avocado, but when I read a scientific article on how bioplastic is produced, I realized that more than 80 percent is based on some food, mainly corn and fiber. I learned about the molecules they used and remembered that the avocado had a similar one. Then it occurred to me to use its seed to make bioplastic ”, he said.

Munguía found a potential business with avocado as estimates reveal that in Mexico the companies that industrialize the vegetable to make products such as oils, guacamole or sauces, generate approximately 300 thousand tons of seed waste.

“These companies only take advantage of the mesocarp or what is the avocado meat, so the only thing we do is collect this waste generated by the companies, which greatly reduces our costs. This makes our biodegradable resin attractive because they are sustainable products, accessible and radically cheaper than any other.bioplastic.”

Regarding the prices of the products, Scott explained that on average the resins ofbioplasticThey are 40 percent more expensive than oil, but with the cost savings of obtaining their production input, they sell the resin at the same price as oil.

"We are in the market with competitive prices and our Morelia plant gives us good growth expectations for the following years."

The success ofBiophaseIt occurs in a context in which society and companies begin to appreciate and demand more and more organic products.

"People realize that it is valuable to undertake and generate value seeking the benefit of the environment and that is why Biofase has found the path of growth, in addition to marketing a proudly Mexican product," he said.

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