First cannabis products will be available in Mexico

First cannabis products will be available in Mexico

Raul Elizalde, director of the marketer of cannabis products Hemp Meds, assured that the official scope issued by the Ministry of Economy does not apply to the products of any of the companies of the recently created Chamber of the Cannabis Industry in Mexico. Therefore, all your products can be imported.

This was said during the presentation of the Chamber, which was created in order to guarantee the free entry of these articles to the country. Let us remember that last week the Ministry of Economy asked COFEPRIS to stop the importation of these products.

Apparently, the tariff fractions that would prohibit the entry of products derived from cannabis, do not mention hemp or cannabidiol, the main compounds used, according to Elizalde.

Janko Ruiz de Chávez, from CBD Life; César Vargas, from Farmacias Magistrales; and Jorge Treviño, from Be Hemp.

They assured that the first products will be available at the end of December.

Mexico, the potential of marijuana

Among other things, they pointed out that Mexico will be one of the main suppliers of cannabidiol to the world. This because the climatic conditions favor the country.

For example, while in Canada, whose value is eight billion dollars, it can only be harvested once a year, in Mexico it is possible up to three times.

"If Canada is one of the main suppliers and the largest in America, we could triple its harvest, which would put us in an international position as the main supplier of hemp in the world," Treviño explained.

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