Ten reasons to look for a good podiatrist

Ten reasons to look for a good podiatrist

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Since dawn we take care of our hair with the best shampoo, the skin with various creams, the mind with rest and stimuli and our health with good food and physical exercise. However, there are parts of the human body that suffer throughout the day that we completely forget about. The feet, for example, are active for many hours and when night comes we can accuse it with annoying pain.

Thepodiatrists They address this problem and pose all kinds of care in relation to the rest of our body, and the fact is that the feet encompass multidisciplinary factors that these professionals must know to offer a correct diagnosis. Therefore, going to podiatry is highly recommended and these are the top ten reasons to do so:

  1. Can change your life. Many people wonderwhat does a podiatrist do And from the misinformation, he thinks that foot problems heal by themselves. Nothing is further from reality. Walking with the correct footwear and following a series of instructions after the study that a professional performs of our footprint can avoid discomfort that we could drag for life if we ignore them.
  2. It's not just about the feet. Poor walking posture normally affects other parts of our body such as the ankles, hamstrings, knees and even the hips. Pains all of them that could be solved with avisit the podiatrist.
  3. The prices are very affordable: In the street there is a false belief thatpodiatrists pricesare prohibitive since we associate theirquery with that of a dentist since both are fields that are outside the mantle of Social Security. However, in anymedical Center ( of this type, the first appointment can be around 30 euros, a more than acceptable amount in relation to the multiple solutions it provides and the relief it grants.
  4. Aesthetic factors: Foot care does not only cover aspects related to health but also aesthetics.pedicure, for example, handles the cutting and milling of nails as well as the removal of calluses. And it is that when summer arrives and our lower extremities see the sunlight, we all want them to look the best possible since calluses are as unsightly as a pimple on the face or a spot on the skin of the neck.
  5. To learn to cut our nails. It may seem simple but it is not. The vast majority of people cut their toenails incorrectly because instead of doing it in a straight line and filing the edges, they limit themselves to following the curved shape of the finger, which can cause infections or ingrown nails. This type of advice is known as nail reeducation, a subject that allprofessional podiatrists ( They master with skill.
  6. Wart treatment. Plantar warts are extremely uncomfortable as they are in an area where sweat and constant friction with footwear complicate the situation. Podiatrists know perfectly how to treat them and also how to eliminate them, so in these cases consultation is the best option.
  7. To improve footwear: The well-being of our feet depends to a large extent on the footwear we use. A person who has flat feet, for example, should correct posture and lap as soon as possible and for this it will be necessary to use the right footwear as well as insoles that compensate for the deficits in the arch of the inner part of the foot.
  8. Muscle improvement: Certain physical exercises help strengthen the muscles and prevent injuries that can aggravate with age. This circumstance is especially significant in children who have an atypical walk or who have flat feet, so it will be necessary to strengthen specific muscles to compensate.
  9. To be able to practice sports without fear: When doing intense physical exercise, our feet suffer especially, and with them the lower trunk of our body. Therefore, before starting running, for example, we must know the deficiencies of our feet, if any, to correct them and use the appropriate footwear accordingly.

Deviated fingersAlso known as hammer toes or claw toes, as a result of intense physical exercise, especially after running. Podiatrists may end you with correctors or recommend certain shoes and inserts to compensate for possible ailments.

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