Heat increases due to climate change

Heat increases due to climate change

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By now, it is clear that climate change presents environmental risks beyond anything seen in the modern era.

The weather has a huge influence on our lives. It determines the nature of each place and, in the end, it also influences the culture and livelihoods of all regions of our planet.

It is not a novelty that it changes, yes that it does so fast. We know that climate is a complex and changing system of air circulation in the atmosphere in permanent exchange of energy with the sea and the land surface, and also that in other times it was very different from today.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said that Donald Trump, the president of the United States, is making a big mistake in environmental policy, one day he will regret his decision in June 2017 to remove the country from the Paris Agreement on climate change by 2020.

When we think of the economic damage from a warmer planet, it is important to remember that not all costs are equal. There is a big difference between costs that are high, but manageable, compared to those that could lead to catastrophic events such as food shortages and mass refugee crises.

Kiribat could be the first country to disappear as a result of climate change or at least most of its territory during the year 2019, which would affect one hundred thousand people. This country is made up of oceanic coral islands or atolls that cross the equator, which makes it prone to flooding due to rising sea levels.

AnoteTong, the former president of Kiribati, warned that the only future for the inhabitants is a mass migration, if what they seek is to survive.

What will the climate be like in 2020 in Argentina? The temperature will rise on average one degree across the country. The Northwest, Salta and Jujuy, will be the one with the greatest impact with increases of up to 1.6º; meanwhile, the most productive heart of the province of Buenos Aires will register an increase of 0.9º.

On the face of it, that the Argentine thermal mark rises one degree may seem insignificant. But the consequences, in truth, are not as the recent past shows. In the last 150 years, the planet's average temperature has increased 0.6º and 0.7º and the effects do not stop reverberating: glaciers receding, melting; the sea warmed by at least 0.6º and the rains fell in hitherto inhospitable areas. Without going very far, gates inside Argentina, the greater rainfall allowed the agricultural frontier to advance 200 kilometers to the west of the country in a strip that goes from La Pampa to Santiago del Estero and that until the 1960s was considered semi-arid.

This area, which is now productive, does not seem so clear that in the coming decades it will continue to have such favorable climatic conditions, since the increase in temperature will not be accompanied by a sustained trend of precipitation.

According to the National Meteorological Service, the mean annual temperature for 2018 was 18.6 °, an anomaly of 0.7 ° above the mean annual reference value, located at 17.9 degrees Celsius. The 2018 mark is on the heels of the first place in 2017, which broke the record with an average annual temperature of 18.7 ° C.

Even if emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants were drastically reduced, these climate scenarios would not vary much until 2040 because gas concentrations persist for a long time in the atmosphere and thermal adjustment is slow.

LaTierra is suffering from a fever and this is not a good sign. Blame it all. Of human society, with its perversions, its irresponsibility, its corruption, its interests, its selfishness, its hypocrisy.

If Earth is upset, increasingly angry, it is because of everyone. Every time we hurt him more. And when it's everyone's fault, it doesn't mean she's not anyone's in particular. It belongs to each one, according to their degree of responsibility.

We are all responsible for the changes we have already brought about on Earth, and for those to come. But it is in our hands, and especially in those of Trump, that the next generations receive, as a minimum, the same planet that the current generations inherited from their parents.

Cristián Frers - Senior Technician in Environmental Management and Senior Technician in Social Communication (Journalist).

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