Rescue biodiversity in Argentina

Rescue biodiversity in Argentina

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Biodiversity is the diversity of life, the variety of living beings that exist on the planet and the relationships they establish with each other and with the environment that surrounds them, key to maintaining our well-being and an opportunity for the generation of economy and employment, it is the result of millions of years of evolution.

The importance of biodiversity conservation It can be explained through different levels (biological, scientific, social, cultural, economic, recreational). It is a fact that sectors and groups of people may care to a greater or lesser extent the state of the environment. The truth is that there are several reasons why we must accept that the conservation of biological diversity is relevant.

It is important for the socioeconomic development of society. The conservation and green economy and the sustainable use of resources allows progress towards a model and development that minimizes the impact of human activities, and that recognizes the value and relevance of ecosystem services for development and well-being.

Argentina as a member of this same spacecraft, planet Earth, where men create borders and nature is in charge of eliminating them, has not remained on the sidelines of the problem of diversity, which, although it did not reach catastrophic characteristics, worsens day by day. day. There is a lack of real public awareness of the issue on the part of all sectors so that a sharp turn of the wheel is really hit that takes us away from the danger of losing the most significant exponents of our native flora and fauna in the coming years. Unfortunately, it seems that we are not unable to use the sad experience of other countries to avoid falling into the same mistakes, with the aggravation that tragic stories such as the passenger pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius), the Carolina parrot (Conuropsis carolinensis) and many others. , occurred at a time in human history when ecology was a little understood new concept.

Fortunately, the vastness of the country and the vast expanses that cover most of its natural environments have still made it possible to safeguard most of our floristic and fauna exponents today, although we are far from that idea of ​​environmental virginity that prevailed until a few years ago. These resources have been used irrationally in the last 50 years, causing the loss of a high percentage of their components. The most regrettable thing is that the true potentialities that ecosystems harbor in their entirety are unknown.

The destruction of habitat, excessive agricultural cultivation, industrial pollution, the production of waste, the introduction of foreign species ... These are some of the phenomena that most affect the environment. That is why the Convention on Biological Diversity should be highlighted, which establishes: The commitment to design and implement policies, plans, programs and projects, as well as actions that seek a better quality of life for the population. In addition to enabling better knowledge and use of biological resources and their extensive diversity.

Decisive measures and actions were needed to conserve and maintain genes, species and ecosystems, with a view to the sustainable management and use of biological resources. The national government and the provincial governments should embark on a joint path in an attempt to establish goals that would allow a better understanding of the biological reality of Argentina and the design of appropriate strategies so that usable resources could be used in a sustained manner. It is essential to mobilize scientists, local environmental groups, NGOs and officials to bet on the protection of sites that are not yet reserves, the monitoring of already protected sites, the organization of ecotourism and the promotion of sustainable productive activities.

Biodiversity has an intrinsic value that must be protected. In some ways, nature is priceless, but above all we must be clear that diversity constitutes a reserve of resources, which in turn can be used to increase economic potential.

So it would be good to reflect on the degree to which we are involved with our environment, without forgetting that the Earth is our home. What do we do every day to contribute our bit to the biodiversity conservation?

CristiánFrers - Senior Technician in Environmental Management and Senior Technician in Social Communication (Journalist).

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