Environmentalism. From resistance to new alternatives

Environmentalism. From resistance to new alternatives

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We have been trapped under the word resistance for many years now, we have marked a long and very uneven path. We participate in a guerrilla war, without a declared war and without armed guerrillas.

Much of our lives have been spent fighting, resisting, trying to stop or at least lessen the harmful effects on the environment and society of a system based on consumption, on large-scale production, on waste.

We have resisted against monocultures, mining, transgenics, human rights violations, deforestation, discrimination against minorities and the abuses that the native peoples who inhabited these lands have received in the hands of the colonizers and the Catholic Church. and then, for centuries, those who remain of them and us, all of us who today inhabit these lands, in the hands of the northern monopolies invoking the god of progress.

Even today, every day of our lives is marked by the laws of the market. An unknown group of financial prophets pulls the strings of the world, decides that we must sow in our fields, how we must use our natural resources, what we must occupy our time and even what our children should be taught in educational institutions .

We have resisted all this and will continue to resist, with disparate results. But today the paper castles are collapsing. The world's strongest economy in theory, has discovered such great weaknesses that they go beyond the imagination of the most tenacious detractor, and then the resistance must begin to offer alternatives.

The importance of making known and offering our alternatives in this moment of global confusion is, as never before, necessary to achieve a new planetary consciousness, to channel the unease, the hopelessness that is taking over the world, on a path towards a society that works about new paradigms.

It is in our hands, at this time more than ever, to show the way to a better world, to show that it is possible, that we have the necessary tools and knowledge to make a leap in quality in the way we interact with each other and with nature.

Hopefully we are prepared for the hardest part of this fight, the final push that can lead us to meet many of the goals that we long for and for which many of us have dedicated a large part of our lives. Be prepared to get lots of people to join us. To be prepared, in short, to make a better world possible.

Ricardo Natalichio

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