Sunstroke, natural remedies

Sunstroke, natural remedies

The time of exposure to the scorching sun typical of summer is approaching. And, like every year, there are many Italians who suffer insolations is highlights.

But how are these conditions faced? And, even before that, what is meant by sunstroke? How can you remedy sunburn with natural remedies?

What is insolation?

We define sunstroke as a medical condition caused by overheating of the body and give it imbalance of its temperature. That is, it is the condition that occurs when the body's internal temperature begins to rise "too much", causing irreversible damage to the brain and other internal organs.

How to recognize sunstroke: the symptoms

Even before understanding how to remedy the sun in a natural way, it is certainly useful to try to understand how to recognize it promptly.

Heat stroke is in fact a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. So if your body is exposed to dangerous levels of heat, it can start showing signs of overheating like

  • excessive sweating,
  • dizziness,
  • nausea,
  • weakness,
  • high body temperature,
  • severe headache,
  • excessive thirst,
  • red, hot and dry skin,
  • palpitations.

When the body's fluid intake reaches dangerously low levels, prolonged exposure to the sun can turn into heat stroke. Fortunately, there are some home remedies that can provide quick relief - let's find out together.

Drink lots of fluids

This is the most useful, simplest and, often, most effective trick. First, in fact, we always remember that in order to treat sunstroke with natural remedies you need to drink enough water to combat dehydration and low fluid levels in the body.

Of course, be careful what you drink. You have to take liquids but ... certainly not alcohol or other drinks that could have the opposite effect! Instead, try to drink only plain water, and that the water is at room temperature, or only slightly cool. Instead, avoid drinking water that is too cold, as the shock could be harmful to your body's health.

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Drinks and foods against sunburn

In addition to drinking sufficient amounts of water to be able to replenish the fluids you have lost and are losing, there are various foods and other drinks that could help you.

For example, some typically tropical and summer fruits, such as mango, it could be of pleasant support in order to obtain important soothing and refreshing effects, as well as delivering that instant energy to your body that will make you feel a little better. You can eat raw mango, or you can drink specific juices. In any case, the contribution you can get thanks to this tropical fruit will help you feel better already in the short term.

You can also help you with other substances that are typically useful in replenishing the fluids and electrolytes lost in your body due to prolonged and excessive exposure to the sun, such as apple cider vinegar.

Returning to tropical fruits, it is certainly useful against heat strokeavocado, particularly rich in phosphorus and potassium, which will help your nervous system, as well as all green leafy vegetables, which are rich in magnesium, calcium and iron, other ingredients that will accelerate your recovery from the sun.

Considering then that you should replenish sufficient supplies of potassium, which is important in order to properly hydrate the tissues, it will certainly be advisable to take banana, grapefruit, almonds, and more sweet potatoes and peaches.

And if you like the legumes, which in addition to iron will also provide your body with potassium and copper, you will be spoiled for choice in order to prepare a tasty dish that will allow you to get back into shape in a short time. Also cereals they could give you a good hand to be able to restore the right values ​​after a heat stroke: they are in fact a real mine of minerals.

Also, berries, which are very rich in calcium, are useful against sunburn, as well as dried fruit, such as nuts.

Insolation, when to call the doctor

The first thing to do when heatstroke occurs is to take the affected person to an airy and shaded area, away from heat and sun. Therefore, especially if it shows signs of fainting, the person lying down with the legs higher than the rest of the body can be placed, administering the above liquids, in small sips.

Generally most of the sunstroke is transitory, and after a short time the person affected by this condition will be able to resume their activities (perhaps, with renewed attention!).

However, if the symptoms persist for longer, and are accompanied by the onset of fever above 38 degrees, it is good contact your doctor, which once understood the situation in which the person affected by insolation is concerned, could also suggest the administration of an antipyretic, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

In the event that the situation does not improve, and within 24/48 hours the person has not recovered completely, it will be necessary to contact the emergency room of reference.