Amenders: what they are and which ones are the best

Amenders: what they are and which ones are the best

Those who have a vegetable garden never sit still and even in winter, the season in which the soil is said to rest, there are many activities to carry out in order to have a good harvest, without regrets. To improve the quality of the soil in which we are going to plant our vegetables, we can use substances that are called amendments. It is thanks to them that in the following months we will be able harvest more beautiful, stronger and healthier vegetables. Sometimes we think that some secret or chemical formula is behind it and instead it is substances that we can get and use ourselves to make our land a little more fertile. By preparing a soil conditioner with natural organic ingredients in the correct doses we succeed even to modify the structure of the land and the humus content, its ability to retain and drain water. Let's see what it is and how to find these quality products at affordable prices.

Definition of soil conditioner

With the term of soil improvers we go to indicate the fertilizers that have the ability to improve the physical characteristics of the soil. I'm usually a medium mature manure base, the ideal product, sometimes there may be an addition of sand but it is rare to find it especially if you want to spend relatively little because it costs a lot. If our plot is more than modest in size, it becomes an impractical option, it remains a type of elite soil improver, to be used only for valuable gardens or in stadiums, when you need to prepare perfect seeds for lawns.

We can also find amendments that enrich the soil with calcium. In this case the calcitation is favored, which causes the coagulation of the clayey colloids. The effect is not immediate, it is necessary to have the patience to wait at least a couple of years to bring the pH of our soil back to 7.

We will get to know organic amendments better but it is good to know that synthetic ones also exist on the market. They are products created specifically to simulate the effects of their organic counterparts but with an improvement element that often makes them preferred on the market. The synthetic amendments they are much more resistant to attacks by microorganisms.

What are soil improvers for

These products are usually purchased and used in quiet moments of cultivation, to increase the performance of the soil, improving its qualities to then have more abundant crops but not only. Even juicier and tastier.

When we go to apply a soil improver in a soil, with a manure, with a green manure, with pomace o by burying the residues of the previous crop, we reduce its defects, make sure that it retains the right amount of water and above all nutrients. A similar action can also be performed by the clays that we find suspended in turbid waters can act as soil improvers. If in particular we are treating particularly heavy soil with this type of products, then there is also an action on the structure of the soil itself.

Organic amendments: types

Among the various products made for this type of action, there are those natural organic and are substances capable of modifying and improving the chemical, physical, biological and mechanical properties and characteristics of a soil. They do not have a high content of nutrients and therefore they must be used in massive doses so that they can increase and maintain the organic fertility of the soil.

There are various types of organic soil conditioner, there is, for example, the simple non-composted vegetable one which has a maximum content of peat reduced from 30% to 20% and must not contain algae or other marine plants. Then there is the green composted soil improver which is characterized byabsence of manure, previously allowed. A third type is that of compound peaty soil conditioner which must have a minimum content of peat from 30% to 50%. We can also find mixed composted soil conditioner on the market, which involves the use of materials of different origins.

Then there are a series of products that we cannot define properly amendments, such as humic extracts, soluble humates, hydrolyzed animal amendments and humic extract from olive vegetation waters. Better to talk more generally about fertilizers, they are intermediate products that have precise agronomic and nutritional functions.

Of course, in defining with regulations what is and what is not a soil conditioner, maximum quantities of pollutants are also set according to parameters of a different nature depending on the product considered

Best soil improvers: what they are and prices

To conclude, before seeing any special purchase opportunities for these products, directly online, let's make an overview of the most classic amendments.

Compost: substance obtained from the transformation of waste materials from our kitchen or from our vegetable garden and garden to which we go to mix grass clippings, straw, manure, wood ash. It acts on the structure of the soil, if it is too compact and clayey it lightens it while if it is light and sandy it makes it more full-bodied. It does not have particular fertilizing capabilities and does not contain nitrogen but is able to activate the bacterial load of a soil.

Vermicompost, Manure or manure. We are talking about manure then from the feces of various animals. Usually of cattle, goats, horses, sheep. Their excrements are particularly rich in nitrogen and therefore have a good fertilizing power and enrich the physical qualities of the treated soil. As for the doses, it is necessary to be very careful because the droppings of some animals are more powerful than others and must therefore be applied to the ground with greater caution. In particular we talk about those of chicken and rabbit. When fresh manure becomes difficult to find, you can opt for dehydrated or pelleted manure which can be found on the market in packs of 1.5 kg, useful for treating 10 square meters. However, the effectiveness of the two products is not comparable.

Peat. Easy to find in the shop, in nurseries or in those of agricultural products, it is the soil that we all commonly use when we prepare the pots for our terraces or we go to lighten the garden so that it is soft. It can also be a good planting base. Although this substance is widespread, it should not be used as frequently as it has become more difficult to produce. It is extracted from peatlands which today are in fact places to be preserved from an environmental point of view because they are increasingly rare ecosystems made up of soils with a high presence of water where dead plant materials have stratified and partly fossilized.

Another very useful substance for our gardens is certainly theearthworm humus. It does not stink, it is easy to use and has no particular contraindications, we can apply it serenely. Those who wish can produce it at home by purchasing a worm-composter with earth and earthworms which, by eating and digesting it, make it more fertile.

Before discovering some opportunities for buying amendments online, let's dedicate a few words to substances that can be very useful if we are cultivating our own garden. A good green manuring can also be effective for fertilization, or green fertilization. There are two good natural fertilizers then nettle and comfrey. The comfrey leaves are a precious natural fertilizer, a macerate is prepared or the leaves are used directly and joined to the soil from the garden. Similarly with the nettle macerate which has an antiparasitic effect and also fertilizer. Used both in combination, they give the garden a real sprint.

To buy some excellent products at affordable prices we can take advantage of the opportunities offered by Amazon. The first consists of Leonardite, a humified substance containing humic and fulvic acids extracted, the optimal solution for increasing the fertility of the soil of plants grown in pots, in the garden, in the vegetable garden and in the lawn.

Then there is a lot of mixed soil improver specially designed for fertilizing land intended for quality horticulture

then there is the organic pellet fertilizer for vegetable gardens, flowers and gardens

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