How to make DIY Christmas cards

How to make DIY Christmas cards

There are those who at Christmas in the sign of sobriety only make cards, those who are annoyed to buy them, and those who, for example, instead of gifts make donations to organizations that deal with asserting the rights of the last or preserving the health of the our planet and with a card he wishes people well, showing them where the money for their gift has been invested.

I am of the third category and the prepare the Christmas message by hand it is a way to make the other perceive that he isimportant, even if I'm not sending him any presents to unwrap under the tree. Even those who make self-produced gifts can only learn how to make DIY Christmas cards.

How to make DIY Christmas cards: material

By looking at what we have in the house we can let ours unleash fantasy and try to create by recycling what we find. We will arrive at amazing results, more creative than we think. Usually pieces of paper and cardboard, scraps of fabric, pasta and rice, ribbons, buttons and beads can be useful. We recover also a pair of scissors, markers, glue, pencils.

How to make DIY Christmas cards

Let's see some ideas that can help you inspiration to create, if you have the artist's block. Let's start immediately with a rather pretentious idea that will leave those who receive it stunned. It is a card made in the shape of Christmas tree in 3D. It is made of light cardboard, then decorated with other materials that are all easy to find at home.

Take some cardboard and fold it in half to create the base of the card, with tissue paper, or colored and light paper, we can then form the tree by folding many strips like an accordion, gluing them to obtain a triangular shape. You can also decorate the tree as you wish, with small balls, snow or a bright star-shaped tip. If we want we can use this 3D tree for an even more sophisticated ticket. We apply the tree to a card that acts as a ticket. Take a green ribbon and wrap it around a second cardboard cut in the shape of a triangle. A more contextualized tree comes and that we can set in a house by drawing gifts around it as well as many decorations.

Let's move on to the fabric, we often have some excerpts at home and it's time to use them. Let's cut them in the shape of a heart, beyond color and imagination. In order not to create disorder, we use cardboard templates with the shape we want. Hearts can be decorated with ribbons, buttons, beads or writings, their edges can be covered with other fabric or embellished with glitter. Glue them on one side of sturdy cardboard so that they overlap slightly and leave our affectionate message on the other side. It can also be a nice little picture to keep if we are particularly imaginative.

Buttons and beads are very useful materials for this type of creative work such as Christmas greeting cards. If we have green and small ones we can prepare some mini Christmas trees. We take a cardboard as a base and begin to glue some to make the base. Overlap others to create a cone, every now and then we insert a button of a color other than green, better silver or red, to represent the decorations that break the green fir.

If, on the other hand, we have several beads, we can distribute them on a card to create Christmas shapes. You can go to form one Christmas ball, more brilliant than ever, round and affectionate, or again a tree. Those who are particularly good can also draw an angel or the characters of a nativity scene. We always support a handwritten message, and from the heart.

Some cards can also be made using plant material such as bay leaf or aromatic herbs.
The latter can serve as a decoration on a plain card ticket which frames the aromatic picture. We take sprigs of sage or rosemary, let them dry well and then make wreaths or garlands by placing them side by side and fixing them on the surface of the cardboard card. We complete with our message.

Together with dried orange peel, bay leaves can be elements with which to build a Christmas card. They can be cut and used as pieces of a mosaic, a mosaic representing a tree decorated with lights fromcitrus aroma. Remaining on the plant theme, an original idea is that of postgarden. We prepare cardboard greeting cards that we make with watercress seeds. When watered, they can create a small garden. This ticket has a strong symbolic value.

Last tip for how to do it Christmas cards do it yourself, is the one about origami. There are many guides and tutorials to make them, with all kinds of shapes and colors. We can choose a classic Christmas tree but also hearts or flowers, animals or snowflakes. Let's not forget the message which in this case must be very poetic.

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