Cold hands: how to warm them?

Cold hands: how to warm them?

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Some people constantly suffer from cold hands, mainly due to characteristics of blood circulation. But how to go about warm cold hands? How can you solve this problem, and avoid having two popsicles instead of hands?

We have tried to summarize, below, some tips that may be useful especially in winter, when the phenomenon of cold hands is obviously much more widespread and annoying. Let's find out what these tips are!

Stay warm

Of course, at first glance this advice may seem all too obvious but… it's your # 1 priority! Try to stay warm, because there is nothing better for warming cold fingers. In this way you will improve circulation, and avoiding sudden changes in temperature will also avoid a lot of hassle for your health. Considered that if you suffer from cold hands these extremities may take longer to warm up, there is nothing wrong with keeping the gloves in the house a little longer, as soon as you go home, until they are at the right temperature.

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Take care of the chest

When the fingers are cold, it is natural to focus on what you are wearing on your hands, perhaps taking a nice pair of padded gloves. However, don't neglect the rest of your body, and especially your chest. Try to wear t-shirts, shirts, and sweaters in layers so that you can adjust what you wear according to your level of physical activity and changes in the weather. Remember that once your chest is warm, your body will be able to pump more heat towards your extremities, such as your fingers and toes.

Stay dry

The wet hands they tend to get cold hands soon, and so you need to keep them dry as much as possible. Wearing a good pair of gloves or waterproof gloves prevents moisture from entering from the outside, but you must also be aware that the risk you run is the opposite: creating excessive overheating and, therefore, sweating (sweaty hands, in gloves , they cool quickly when you put them in the air). The solution is to choose gloves based on what you are doing and the climate of the moment, considering that not all gloves are the same: there are some rather light models, and others that will not make you fear even climbing in mountain at very high altitude!

Avoid the wind

A cool breeze can send chills down your spine and freeze your fingers in no time. Of course, wearing a pair of waterproof gloves will help you keep your hands better protected, but don't forget that your hands freeze even if you get too cold in the rest of the body, and therefore in case of too stiff breeze you should try to contain. the cold also on the chest and face.

Avoid tight clothing

Watch straps, shirt cuffs or gloves that are too tight can cause poor circulation and promote cold hands, rather than trying to avoid this problem. So, make sure your clothing and accessories fit your body properly and aren't too tight.


It is never a good idea to leave hands immobile for too long at low temperatures if you understand that they are getting too cold. So remember to move them from time to time avoiding immobilizations. A simple movement will be enough to increase the blood flow to the fingers. You can also help by keeping springs or other small accessories in your pocket that will require a bit of effort to be activated, thus promoting even faster additional circulation.

Use hand warmer packages

On the market you can find small ones hand warmer packages, a great way to warm your fingers, especially if you are prone to cold and / or have poor circulation. There are also other options a little more expensive, but identically effective, such as gloves that have integrated heating elements.

Don't ignore it

If you find that your fingers are getting cold, take the time to warm them up. For example, you can put them under your armpits or on your stomach as an emergency remedy. However, avoid underestimating the situation and, above all, if you believe that it is reaching particularly serious situations, do not forget to talk to your referring doctor!

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