Volpino di Pomerania: cost

Volpino di Pomerania: cost

Volpino di Pomerania: costof the dog and its maintenance. What to consider before buying and how to make sure you buy a purebred dog in order to avoid scams.

The dog has become a fashion today. There are many dogs in the kennels, ready to be adopted and to give an infinity of love to cost zero. Nobody forbids you to buy a purebred dog and pay for the respective one price, but first make sure you can keep it and give it the right care for its entire existence.

The price to pay

The dog does not acquire the euphoria of the moment. Buying a dog must be considered not only for a question of price but above all for a question ofconstancy in care.

If you live in the countryside, you can make a kennel for your dog, guarantee him pesticide treatments, vaccinations and two daily meals ... nature will do the rest. If you live in an apartment, know that the dog needs long walks and this will require your daily commitment. That's why besides asking yourself how much thepriceto pay in economic terms, you should also evaluate thecostin terms of human investment and time.

Volpino di Pomerania: cost

Thepriceit fluctuates a lot, from breeder to breeder. In addition, there are also litters ofpomeranian sold by private individuals. That's why the cost of dogs can fluctuate!

At a farm, theprice of the Pomeranian fox it can range from 400 to 1000 euros.

Dwarf German Spitz or Pomeranian

Curiosity: we talk aboutpomeranian dwarfortoy.

In fact, when it comes topomeranianthe most correct term would be dwarf spitz, dwarf german spitz or simplyPomeranian.

Why can't we talk about Pomeranian Toy or dwarf fox? Because the same "Volpino di Pomerania" is part of the category of "toy dogs" or "dwarf dogs", ie those dogs that, according to the breed standard, have limited weight and size.

In the male, the so-called Toy Pomeranian(more properly called Pomeranian!) sees a height ranging from 20 to 22 cm and a weight ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 kg. Females are even more "Toy", in fact the height ranges from 18 to 20 cm, for a weight ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 kg.

How long does a Pomeranian live?

The average life is quite long and ranges from 12 to 16 years. There is no shortage of particularly long-lived specimens reaching 20 years.

What to observe to understand if the Volpino di Pomerania has defects?

Not all purebred dogs are perfect! Of course, the Pomeranian fox to be sold as such must comply with ENCI standards. Like all dogs, so tooDwarf Spitzit may have defects that lower the cost.

If the dog has one of these defects, it will certainly be sold at a much lower price as these defects will not make the dog suitable for participation in beauty contests. The defects in question are:

  • prognathism,
  • enognatism,
  • severed ear,
  • monorchidism,
  • cryptorchidism.

The most common defects of this breed are:

  • disproportionate limbs,
  • defective teeth,
  • depigmented nose,
  • flat head,
  • eyes too big,
  • clear nails and eyes.

Where to buy it?

Only from authorized breeders, this is the universally useful advice in case of buying and selling purebred dogs. Better to be wary of ads on the web, especially if they refer to miraculous litters!

TheVolpino di Pomerania, in fact, it is not very prolific. The number of new born puppies is always limited. Usually two puppies or at most three.

How to protect yourself?

Given the highcostthat you are willing to cover for the purchase of your cicciolo, it is right that you have all the protections at the time of purchase.

Ask for specific documentation regarding the dog, in this way you will protect yourself and hinder theblack market of purebred dogs.

In particular, thePomeranian Volpino dogmust be accompanied by a specialgenealogical certification(the well-known Pedigree) which must be issued by the breeders' association that holds the relevant herd book or registry register (Enci).

There is no shortage of scams!
Pay close attention especially if you are buying dogs outside the borders of Italy. The Pedigree is a very important document that should not be overlooked.

Volpino di Pomerania: maintenance cost

At the initial expense you will have to add the price necessary for the maintenance of the puppy. Like any other dog, theVolpino di Pomeraniarequires veterinary visits, initial vaccinations, special vaccinations in case of travel abroad, proper nutrition and coat care.

As stated, thecostdemanded by a dog is not just economic in nature. Having a dog is a commitment that weighs 365 days a year and not just at the time of the initial outlay for its purchase.

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