How to remove the semi-permanent

How to remove the semi-permanent

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How to remove the semipernally: instructions to remove the semi-permanent nail polish using a DIY procedure to be applied at home.

How to remove semi-permanent nail polish

Thesemi-permanent nail polishexploits a detailgelthatstiffeningon the nails it can last for tens of days. The idea of ​​havingnailsalways perfect can be tempting but ... the duration of the semi-permanent gel on one nail does not always coincide with that of the other nine nails!

What does it mean?
That the semi-permanent can jump off a nail and thus the need to remove it may arise.How to remove the semi-permanent at home?Taking advantage of our advice.

To remove semi-permanent nail polish you have three strategies:

  • Pull it off when it pops up at the edge (very wrong!)
  • Using an electric or manual file (mechanical removal)
  • Use a special acetone for semi-permanent (chemical removal)

Pulling off the semi-permanent nail polish (as well as the "casting gel") is absolutely wrong! The reason? Go and also remove the superficial layers of the nail, irremediably thinning it. In addition, when the gel is persistent, it is likely that ripping it off with it will also detach part of the length of the nail.

Basically, the correct ways toremove the gel polish at homeI'm:

  • With a solvent / acetone (chemical removal)
  • With a file (mechanical removal)

These two strategies are useful both in case ofsemi-permanent nail polish, both in case ofsemi-permanent gel(casting).

With the file: how to remove the semi-permanent on the nails

There are manual or electric nail files on the market, in both cases you will have to start filing the polish with a hard file, and then use a very fine-grained file.

The disadvantages of removing the semi-permanent nail polish with a file are different: the time needed (if you are not practical, it can take several hours), the practicality (maybe it is easy to remove the semi-permanent polish from the left hand, but when it is the left hand to handle the file ... sure it will be just as easy ?!), the powders (you will produce a lot of powders, difficult to manage and that should not be inhaled!) and ... last but not least, you will thin the nail.

Chemical removal is the method we recommended forremove the semi-permanent gel from the nails.

With solvent

Unfortunately, simple acetone is not enough. On many blogs we read to soak the fingers in acetone but in reality it is appropriate to use specific products and keep them in contact only with the nail and not with the entire finger.

What do you need for remove the gel polish at home?

  • Gel remover
  • Wadding discs and silver paper
  • Leather pusher

How to proceed?

You will need to soak the cotton ball with nail polish remover and leave it in contact with thesemi-permanent to remove. To fix the soaked wadding on the nail, you can use silver paper or buy ready-to-use kits.

Thesemi-permanent nail polishmust remain in contact with the wadding soaked in solvent for at least 15 minutes. At this juncture, the solvent will soften thesemi-permanentwhich will easily detach under the pressure of a skin pusher.

The solvent is mildly aggressive when compared to mechanical removal with a nail file, however, do not think your nails will not be affected! To heal completely, the nail will have to grow back.

Do not even trust the keratin treatments offered by the various operators in the sector. In fact, there is no evidence that any substance can permeate the already formed nail and strengthen it.

To try tostrengthena nail strained by the solvent, you can make a homemade ointment with jojoba oil and lemon essential oil. In half a teaspoon of jojoba oil, add 5 drops of lemon essential oil. Soak a cotton ball with this solution and rub it on your nails.

Lemon essential oil should improve the health of the nails and, in the worst case scenario, drain away the residues of solvents and chemicals. Jojoba oil protects the nails from dryness and dehydration.

Recommended products to remove the semi-permanent at home

For remove the semi-permanent nail polish we recommend that you use these products that have already been tested by us in the editorial team of our website and are easily available on Amazon.

  • Easy Off Remover (for casting gel and semi-permanent gel). The 500 ml bottle is offered on Amazon at a price of 13.99 euros with free shipping costs.
  • Aluminum wrap with skin pusher. This is a kit consisting of two hard files, one skin pusher useful for the remove the gel already softened and 200 aluminum discs ready for use. You can buy it on Amazon at a price of 9.99 euros with free shipping.

You will need to soak the cotton wool portion of the aluminum wrap with the solvent. Wrap the disk around your finger and wait 15 minutes to apply. Just as shown in the pictures above.

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